Writing a Book? We're Not Accepting New Titles. But Read On...

When I launched CharityChannel’s book-publishing project a decade ago, my purpose was to help deserving authors get published, particularly those in the nonprofit sector. I am pleased to report that I have accomplished everything I set out to do in my ten-year plan, and then some.

So, now what?

Over the years, I’ve worked with the authors and editors of nearly a hundred nonfiction books that I've published. I variously served as a ghostwriter, writing coach, comprehensive editor, copy editor, book designer, graphic artist, layout editor, website designer, project manager, publishing/distribution strategist, intellectual property expert, and more.

I really love working with authors! But I don’t love the daily grind of meeting a heavy publishing schedule. So, I’ve decided to limit my publishing to revisions of our existing titles and use that new-found time to help others write outstanding nonfiction books and get published. I want to do that as a book advisor and editor.

Are you writing, or getting ready to write, a nonfiction book and could use my help? Maybe you need help in writing a chapter outline. Maybe they need help getting past "writer’s block" or staying motivated and on-task (writing a book is a marathon, not a sprint). Maybe you need someone with fresh eyes to edit your manuscript and help get it ready for prime time. Or maybe they have your manuscript written but need help getting it published, whether self-published or via a traditional publisher.

If so, I invited you to contact me at +1 949 589-5938 or drop me a note on our contact form. Once I have an idea of how I can help, we can discuss my hourly fees. I should mention that if your book is on a third-sector topic, I have a special reduced rate.


Stephen C. Nill, JD | Publisher