Volunteering for the GENIUS


Volunteering for the GENIUS

There are numerous books written for fundraisers and charities about how to effectively value and manage volunteers. Volunteering for the GENIUS is all about you, the individual volunteer, and how you can become an outstanding and happy volunteer in the extraordinary world of opportunities.

Do you think of yourself as a volunteer? You should. You are one. Americans volunteer for friends, for causes, for needs or because they are asked—at the rate of 7.9 billion hours per year. How did you decide to "help out"? Did you prepare for your 'volunteer job' as thoroughly as you did your 'real job'? Volunteering for the GENIUS will take you on a journey through the historical roots of volunteerism, how to understand yourself and your volunteer goals and where to find the very best fit for you.

In Volunteering for the GENIUS you will find:

  • How volunteerism developed in other countries
  • How volunteering has developed in the United States
  • Your personal volunteer life now
  • How to figure out what you really want to do as a volunteer
  • Where to find the best opportunities for you
  • How to get involved at all levels: local, regional, national or international
  • What to expect from the charity for which you work
  • What the charity can expect from you
  • How to be prepared for all kinds of situations
  • Your ethical and legal rights and obligations

You spend a lot of your life helping others in one way or another. Make sure you take the time and do the research to ensure your time and talents are appreciated and used effectively. Arnold provides countless resources and suggestions from her more than 55 years of volunteer involvement. This is a fun must-read for anyone interested in a rich volunteer life!


About the Author

Helen Arnold, CFRE

Helen Arnold

Helen B. Arnold, a Certified Fund Raising Executive, is President of Arnold Olson Associates, a firm that provides fund development consulting services for nonprofit organizations. In addition, she is the nonprofit advisor of Clearly Compliant Inc., a company that provides third-party state registration services for nonprofits. Helen has a fifty-five-year (plus) history, both as a volunteer and a professional, in the nonprofit world. As a volunteer, Helen has worked for numerous charities and has served on sixty-two nonprofit boards in the Chicago, New York, Eastern Iowa, and Las Vegas areas.

Helen has served clients across the United States in all aspects of fundraising and organizational excellence. She has served as speaker for the AFP International Conference on Fundraising and the Grant Professionals Association as well as faculty and speaker on a wide array subjects related to philanthropy. She is a certified AFP Master Trainer, and has received the Certificate of Nonprofit Management from Iowa State University. Helen is a contributing author to YOU and Your Nonprofit and The Nonprofit Consulting Playbook from CharityChannel Press. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising ProfessionalsGrant Professionals Association, the Eastern Iowa Planned Giving Council and the National Association for Charitable Gift Planners. She has received several honors recognizing her volunteer and professional achievements, including the AFP Eastern Iowa Outstanding Professional Fundraiser Award.


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