The New Donor


The New Donor: Gearing Up for the Next Wave in Fundraising

The New Donor: Gearing Up for the Next Wave in Fundraising is the book you need to raise money from today's donors—and tomorrow's. New donors are not necessarily the ones who just came onto your file. Think of them more in terms of how you communicate with them. This book is meant to help you discover who your new donors really are, what they are looking for, and what needs they want to fulfill. Once you learn that, you'll need to know what to say and how to say it to them.

Yes, your new donors still want the facts, seek credibility, and listen to your stories. But they want it on their terms, in their language, and right away. And they have different passions. They’ve grown up in radically different environments. And they respond when their needs are met.

What the Experts Say about This Book . . .

[quote]I applaud Margaret and Linda for writing this book. Understanding the complex world of major gift fundraising is critical to the success of any development program, and this book provides the reader with tremendous tips and insights into developing a successful major gift program. I particularly liked the chapter on ‘Smart Donors’ because it has been my experience that today’s donor is well versed in the charities that are of interest to them long before they make contact with the charity. The tools mentioned in this chapter give the donor access to so much information, and the ‘smart nonprofit’ will ensure that information is easily accessed. I enjoyed the read, and I hope you do as well... congratulations Linda and Margaret for this important contribution to learning.[/quote]

Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE
Retired President & CEO, Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)

[quote]This insightful book captures the vital signs of a dramatic shift in the philanthropic marketplace. Successful nonprofits will raise more money following this path toward a more diverse and engaged donor population.[/quote]

Ted Hart, ACFRE
CEO, Charities Aid Foundation of America

[quote]When two fundraising pros get together to write a book, you have nothing but the best in accuracy, knowledge, and advice. The New Donor is an easy read, and you’ll find yourself nodding your head in agreement with the concepts and words of wisdom in every chapter. Linda and Margaret have nailed down best practices in communicating with your new donor. Heed their advice![/quote]

John Kehoe
President, Trinity Direct


Part One: The Twenty-First Century Donor

Chapter One: What Changed?

Chapter Two: Who Was Added?

Chapter Three: How Can You Appeal to All of Them?

Part Two: Smart Donors

Chapter Four: What Do Smart Donors Want—Can You Deliver It?

Chapter Five: Reaching Your Donor's Passion

Part Three: Communicating With Your New Donor

Chapter Six: Informed Donors

Chapter Seven: So, How Do You Inform Your Donors?

Chapter Eight: What We Say and How We Say It

Part Four: Dealing With Challenging Donors

Chapter Nine: How Do You Learn Who Wants What?

Chapter Ten: If You've Got the Money, Honey, I've Got the Time

Part Five: The Springboard to Your Next Move

Chapter Eleven: Laying the Groundwork for Securing Major Gifts from Your New Donor

Chapter Twelve: Who Should Ask the New Donor

Chapter Thirteen: What the New Donors Are Saying

Chapter Fourteen: Lessons of the Heart