Public Speaking for the GENIUS


Public Speaking for the GENIUS

Surveys show that folks fear public speaking more than death. If you learn nothing more than how to overcome this fear so that you’ll speak before audiences with confidence, Public Speaking for the GENIUS will have been an amazing find.

It will do this, and much more. Indeed, this is the one book for both beginning and experienced public speakers. Even if you’re not afraid of speaking in public, knowing how to do it without appearing awkward or boring your audience is not easy!

With so much competition for attention from cell phones and other digital devices, the person who can successfully get a group to listen definitely has the edge in business, educational, and community circles. Those who don’t master this vital skill set can stay stuck on the sidelines, passed over when promotions and other new opportunities arise.

In Public Speaking for the GENIUS, you’ll discover how to:

  • Avoid the most common mistakes of presentations
  • Focus on what members of your audience really want and need from you so they’ll listen
  • Engage your audience and maintain interest in a world with attention deficit disorder
  • Employ tactics to overcome fear and anxiety in speaking
  • Start with the end in mind. What do you want your audience to do?
  • Organize a great presentation with a strong opening, body, and conclusion
  • Gain extra value by repurposing your content for blogs, radio, and webinars
  • Tell stories to engage, inspire, and motivate your listeners
  • Use your words, voice, and body language to connect with your listeners and convey a deeper meaning
  • Prepare and rehearse in a deliberate, efficient way for maximum impact
  • Deal with the unexpected, hostile questions, and technology

Beginners to advanced public speakers will enjoy the easy-to-read, conversational style of author Anne B. Freedman, a veteran executive communication coach and corporate trainer. With humor and candor, she relates the successes and failures of her own speaking experiences drawn from her work with business and civic leaders worldwide.

By reading Public Speaking for the GENIUS, you’ll:

  • Save time and energy putting together your own messages
  • Feel more confident about speaking before any kind of audience
  • Reduce your anxiety when you are called on to express your opinions
  • No longer avoid opportunities to share your expertise with others

About the Author

Anne Freedman

Anne Freedman

Anne B. Freedman is the founder and president of Speakout, Inc., a Miami-based company established in 1990. She is an internationally recognized leadership communication and presentation consultant, keynote speaker, app developer, and author. Anne works one-on-one with business and community leaders to help them create and deliver key messages in a relaxed, expert speaking style. She also conducts group programs focused on teamwork and leadership communication.

Known for her dynamic, humorous, and memorable speeches, workshops, panels, and training, Anne has engaged, entertained, and educated professionals of all levels. Clients include multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, nonprofits , and community – based organizations.

Active in her Miami community, Anne served as president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, Miami Chapter, and is a founding member of Go for the Greens Business Conference for Women Entrepreneurs at Disneyworld. She’s also a member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and participates in other business and civic groups.

Anne is the author of Unforgettable Speeches and Sales Presentations in Eight Easy Steps, and a workbook called, Say It! Own It! How to Succeed in Public Speaking. Her app, Wow Pitch , is available for the iPhone and iPad.

What Are GENIUS Books?

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