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Hearing the Deaf for the GENIUS

Where do you turn for advice on raising your Deaf child? Hearing the Deaf for the GENIUS is your lifeline!

Where do you turn for advice on raising your Deaf child? Hearing the Deaf for the GENIUS is your lifeline!

Claire M. Fox, M.Ed., teacher of Deaf education for 25 years, has written this guide to help you understand the unique needs of your Deaf child, the educational possibilities, and the resources to help find the best help available.

You’ll learn how to deal with the emotions that arise and find answers to questions you’ll have when you’re told your infant is Deaf, and how to navigate through early childhood and through your child’s school years. You’ll understand that Deafness doesn’t mean your child is disabled or incapable, but simply perceives and learns about the world differently from a hearing person.

While the focus of this book is on parents, educators will also benefit from the suggestions for setting goals and objectives, approaching reading and writing, and the importance of open communication and involvement in the educational process. Both parents and school administrators will better understand the support systems available and required for Deaf students.

Hearing the Deaf for the GENIUS helps you, the parent:

  • Build your team of specialists—the doctors, audiologists, teachers and therapists who will help your child succeed.
  • Make informed decisions regarding hearing aids or cochlear implants.
  • Understand why your child behaves in certain ways, and options for handling those situations.
  • Embrace the learning of American Sign Language as early as possible for both you and your child (the author shares a few basics of the language, as well).
  • Discover the education options available and determine which is best for your child.
  • Become an integral member of your child’s educational team, assist with homework and become a strong advocate throughout your child’s school years.
  • Appreciate the strong heritage and culture to which your child is heir.
  • Recognize the difference between the hearing and Deaf cultures, and learn how your child (and your entire family) can be at home in both.
  • Connect with the Deaf community.
  • Learn how you can help your child to become independent, self-confident, and proud to be Deaf.

Hearing the Deaf for the GENIUS is rich with experience-based stories, critical information, and quick tips—all told with compassion (and humor). Upon reading this book, you will develop a new respect for and deeper awareness of Deaf people, their language, and their contributions to the world we live in.

You’ll want to keep this book handy. Your copy will soon have turned down corners on important pages, highlighted paragraphs, and that well-worn look of constant use. You’ll find that you refer to it again and again at each new juncture of your child’s life.

About the Author

Claire M. Fox

Claire M. Fox

Claire M. Fox taught Deaf/Hard of Hearing children for twenty-three years before her retirement in 2013. Today, she continues to assist the five counties in the Oconee Regional school district by tutoring, consulting, and advising.

Claire graduated from Boston University with a master’s in education of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing. While completing her degree, she worked as a student teacher at the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and spent her semester breaks volunteering at the Beverly School for the Deaf in Beverly, Massachusetts. Claire then taught at the Saint Joseph School for the Deaf in the Bronx. After relocating to Georgia, Claire worked at a Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) as an itinerant teacher serving Deaf/Hard of Hearing children. After nine years of traveling to different schools, Claire moved into a classroom serving students from all the school systems in the RESA area.

Fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), Claire has taught many sign language classes and is certified to teach ASL as a foreign language at the high school and college level. She’s a member of the National Association of the Deaf, the Georgia Council for the Hearing Impaired, and Georgia Educators of the Deaf.

Claire has put her heart and soul into writing this book to help parents and educators of Deaf children understand the special needs and the amazing capabilities of these kids. She knows she’s also helping Deaf children to become successful active citizens who are not ashamed of their hearing loss but are proud to be themselves—unique, special, and Deaf.

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