Gourmet Breakfasts for the GENIUS


Gourmet Breakfasts for the GENIUS

How would you like to elevate your breakfast regimen, augment your cooking techniques, and concoct superlative morning meals while impressing your family, guests, and any foreign dignitaries that may happen to pop by? Of course you would!

Gourmet Breakfasts for the GENIUS serves up recipes woven around a descriptive and enlightening narrative. More than just a list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions, they include helpful tips, charts, and definitions to assist you in fashioning the ideal gourmet breakfast.

Author Faiyaz Kara, a food critic for the Orlando Weekly, employs the recipes from a who’s who of culinary giants—experts and respected culinarians whose intelligence is only matched by their artistry. They’ve won James Beard Foundation Awards, cooked for movie stars, royalty, and presidents, and have appeared on numerous television shows. Each has contributed unique and original recipes for this book, so if you want that “most important meal of the day” to wow, amaze, and dazzle, pick up a copy and let a bit of its genius wear off on your cooking skills.

Table of Contents

Foreword (by Norman Van Aken)


Part 1 – The Pros of Protein

Chapter 1 – The Egg
We cover the angles – arcs, rather – of the frangible oval, and take, ahem, a crack at whisking up some decadent mid-morning meals.

Chapter 2 – Breakfast Bovinity
An entire chapter devoted to the much-maligned, yet utterly irresistible, slow-twitch muscles of our favorite animals.

Chapter 3 – Repast Ruminants
A focus on the sheep, goats, and deer that seem to get second-class treatment in so far as breakfast meats are concerned.

Chapter 4 – Of Fowl & Hen
Long the darling of health-conscious carnivores, poultry struts into the gourmet breakfast spotlight.

Chapter 5 – Swine Before Pearls
Pork. It’s the most widely consumed meat in the world, and this chapter gives credence to Homer Simpson’s now-famous utterance that the pig is one "wonderful, magical animal."

Chapter 6 – Poetry in Ocean
We comb the depths to reveal the gourmet breakfast possibilities nature holds for us under the sea.

Part 2 – Breads, Spreads, and Batters

Chapter 7 – The Flip Side
Rustic hotcakes have always been a popular and nourishing staple since the Neolithic period. We present some decidedly more modern takes.

Chapter 8 – The Dough Also Rises
Breakfast without the bread is like, oh, Tarzan without the Jane; Crick without the Watson; Masters without the Johnson. This chapter rolls in the dough.

Chapter 9 – In a Jam
Be it spread or syrup, one thing’s for sure: This chapter lays it on thick.

Part 3 – Soup to Nuts

Chapter 10 – Breakfast MD
Yes, cereal grains are healthy and good for you, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress them to the nines and give them a little culinary swagger.

Chapter 11 – Meatless Mornings
Flesh-free recipes specifically designed for the vegan and vegetarian gourmand.

Chapter 12 – The Soup Kitchen
We demonstrate what the Campbell Soup Company knew all along – a bowl of broth is good food, day or night.

Chapter 13 – Luxe Liquid Breakfasts
So much of this book focuses on gourmet breakfasts in their solid state, that it’s time we took a moment to focus on an entirely different state of matter – liquids.

Part 4 – For Richer, For Poorer; In Sickness and in Health

Chapter 14 – For the Bold and the Bibulous
Boozy breakfast beverages and potent pre-noon potables are the main feature.

Chapter 15 – The Morning After
These post-coital and après-tippling dishes satisfy two conditions – of fuel as a furtherance of foreplay, and as a sponge for alcohol.

Chapter 16 – Special Deliveries
Gourmet meal preparations that become a part of the celebratory fete.

Chapter 17 – Shallow Pockets, Chichi Tastes
Gourmet breakfasts to prepare when economics make it next to impossible to source or acquire the finest ingredients.

Part 5 – The Genius Touch

Chapter 18 – Kitchen Manipulatives
Handy and handsy kitchen implements to help you execute proper-good proper-posh breakfasts.

Chapter 19 – Kitchen Electrics
A healthy dose of technology does not a gourmet breakfast make, but it can sure help.

Chapter 20 – The Master Minds
Recognizing the genius of each of the individuals who played a part in birthing this book.


About the Author

Writer, editor, and journalist Faiyaz Kara has authored numerous articles, features and pieces for respected publications over the past 25 years. He started off as a writer for a Toronto-based magazine focusing on multicultural issues before authoring an essay on Andy Warhol for a book titled The Critical Response to Andy Warhol published by Greenwood Press. He went on to work for the Toronto Starbefore moving to Florida in 1999 to head up an online arts and entertainment website. He’s worked for major publishing houses Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Our Sunday Visitor and has been the food critic for the Orlando Weekly since 2006.

His work has also been featured in EsquireUrban Mozaik, Marriott Traveler, toronto.com, Citysearch, Top 10 Orlando, AOL, and the television show Eat Street.


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