Fundraising Research Made Easy


Fundraising Research Made Easy: A Practical Guide for Fundraisers

The authors have geared Fundraising Research Made Easy: A Practical Guide for Fundraisers for those who do frontline fundraising but do not have dedicated researchers or other support staff to find information they need about prospective donors. Most often, the entire development staff is composed of just a handful of people or sometimes even one person who wears all the hats.

Sometimes fundraisers who actually do have dedicated researchers on staff simply need to better understand what these researchers do or what information they can be asked for.

Either way, this book is for you.

Hancks and Rosson help you find a way to make research a routine part of your fundraising process. You will experience greater success in your fundraising when you learn more about your prospects and how to be strategic in building relationships with them.

Fundraising Research Made Easy will show you how to

  • Research your top donors and prospects
  • Build a set of research skills
  • Expand your Internet resource list
  • Set goals to fit research into your fundraising plan