CharityChannel's Quick Guide to Creating Your Development Plan


CharityChannel's Quick Guide to Creating Your Development Plan

A development plan is not something you can copy and paste from someone else's plan. Every organization is at a different place in the organizational life cycle, and your cycle will help determine the right plan for your organization. CharityChannel’s Quick Guide to Creating Your Development Plan is designed to give you everything you need to accomplish a task efficiently and effectively.

CharityChannel’s Quick Guide to Creating Your Development Plan includes practical advice and homework at the end of each chapter so you can develop your plan, step-by-step.

Margaret Guellich, CFRE and Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE, help you create a development plan that is based on your nonprofit organization’s realities and one that works for your organization. You will learn how to:

  • Find the information you need to create your unique development plan—who to talk to, what past performance to measure, how to get what you need by involving the right people
  • Set realistic goals and objectives and determine the action steps that will help you meet those objectives
  • Figure out who will do each task, how much it will cost, and what the expected revenue is, as well as set realistic timelines for when each task is to be completed
  • Determine what you need to budget for your plan and how do get your budget approved
  • Create your written plan
  • Implement your plan and adapt to crises that might affect the plan
  • Evaluate the plan’s success
  • Get ready for the next year’s plan
  • Understand when you need a Plan B and how you can meet unexpected issues that prevent the plan from being implemented.


Chapter One: What Is a Development Plan and Why Do You Need One?

Chapter Two: Where to Start

Chapter Three: Who Develops and Implements the Plan?

Chapter Four: How and Where to Get What Information

Chapter Five: Determining Overarching Goals

Chapter Six: A Comprehensive Plan

Chapter Seven: Let’s Talk Money

Chapter Eight: What the Plan Looks Like

Chapter Nine: Implementing and Evaluating the Plan

Chapter Ten: Do We Need a Plan B?