CharityChannel's Quick Guide to Board Giving


CharityChannel's Quick Guide to Board Giving

If you're like most nonprofit leaders, you struggle with getting your board to understand why their personal giving is critical to your fundraising efforts. In this guide, you will learn how to turn around your board's thinking and get rid of the tired, old Three Gs. of board giving. You will learn, instead, to inspire your board into becoming enthused “givers and getters.”

One of the most challenging things for nonprofit leaders to address is board giving. The old "give, get, or get off the board" policy has never worked successfully. Why? First, board members feel like they are little more than an ATM machine in the eyes of the nonprofit. Second, board members should give and get, and do it enthusiastically. And third, while there may be legitimate reasons to "fire" board members, this decision should not be taken lightly and should not be based exclusively on how deep their pockets are.

So, what do most nonprofits do about this dilemma? Unfortunately, many choose to just ignore the subject of board giving altogether. Others set an arbitrary amount that each board member should give, assuming all board members have the same capacity and the same level of interest. Some nickle and dime board members or try to embarrass them into giving.

You can turn this around, honest!

Use Linda's new 3 Gs — gather, get ready, and grow!

This Quick Guide starts with the gather phase — get your board members together and have some open, honest discussion about fundraising and board commitment. You'll find tools to help with assessing your board’s involvement in giving and getting. Next, get ready — establish a plan including how you recruit, orient, and educate board members. And finally, you’ll learn how to grow a board of 100 percent givers who will enthusiastically get money for your organization.

What’s in this book?

Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Why Board Giving?

We all know why board giving is important. Or do we? Let’s start defining board giving and why it makes a difference.

Chapter Two: Where to Start

How to get your board off on the right foot. Educating current board members, talking to new board members, and bringing up the nasty topic of giving during the recruitment process.

Chapter Three: What are the Ways Board Members Can Give?

Cash is nice, but are there other ways? We’ll talk about gifts in kind, matching gifts, and touch a bit on the board responsibilities to help with fundraising.

Chapter Four: How Do I ask Thee, Let Me Count the Ways?

How you ask makes all the difference. Who should ask, when, and how will be covered in this chapter.>

Chapter Five: The Annual Board Appeal

A formal board appeal is the key to success. Setting up the committee, preparing the materials, making the ask, reporting results.>

Chapter Six: Stewarding Board Members

How do you recognize and thank board members? Treat them like major donors—they are!

Chapter Seven: Evaluating the Results

We always want to improve each year, so evaluation is critical. What worked and what didn’t? How will we make it better next year? Is it appropriate to "fire" board members if they don’t give?

Chapter Eight: The Next Step: Getting Your Board Involved in Fundraising

Once your board is giving, you can address the "getting" part of their role and involve them in your fundraising efforts. We’ll show you how to get the enthused about fundraising.