Casino Video Poker for the GENIUS


Casino Video Poker for the GENIUS

Winning at video poker involves more than just blind luck. Casino Video Poker for the GENIUS shows you how to take the guesswork out of your play, and how to put the know-how in.

Winning at video poker involves more than just blind luck. Casino Video Poker for the GENIUS shows you how to take the guesswork out of your play, and how to put the know-how in.

New to gambling? Most of us will try gambling at least a few times for recreation, just to say we've tried it. Casino Video Poker for the GENIUS gives you a head start in learning to play the best-paying casino slots, and provides strategy to help you play longer and have more fun and success.

Do you already regularly enjoy casinos? Author Linda Nowell shows you how to have more fun and increase your chances of winning a royal flush jackpot. You'll also benefit from Nowell's explanations about how to nail down your own risk tolerance so that you give yourself a better chance at winning.

Nowell helps you understand what you need to know to be a much more successful player, whether you're playing in her native Las Vegas or another venue.Think of Casino Video Poker for the GENIUS as a powerful shortcut to increasing your knowledge of video poker, and increasing your win probability.


Table of Contents

Part 1 - Welcome to the Exciting Experience of Casino Video Poker

Chapter 1 - Don't Be Fooled: Computer Games Are Not Casino Video Poker

Chapter 2 - Why Do Casinos Call Video Poker a "Slot Game"?

Chapter 3 - There's No Place Like Vegas for Casino Video Poker

Chapter 4 - Basic Casino Etiquette to Keep Your Inexperience from Showing

Chapter 5 - Introduction to the Players Clubs

Chapter 6 - Determining Your Personal Risk Tolerance

Chapter 7 - Why Playing CVP Is a Lot Like Playing the Stock Market

Part 2 - Laying the Foundation for Your Video Poker Experience

Chapter 8 - What Are the Odds? The Driving Question in Casinos

Chapter 9 - Never Bet the Mortgage Payment and Other Tips for Your Safety

Chapter 10 - Getting to Know the Lingo of Casinos and CVP

Chapter 11 - Paytables: Read Them or Weep

Chapter 12 - Know What Game You're Playing

Chapter 13 - Money, Money, Money, Money. . .

Chapter 14 - What Does It Take to Be a Winner at Video Poker?

Part 3 - Draw on the Basics: Understanding Casino Video Poker

Chapter 15 - The Evolution of Casino Video Poker Machines

Chapter 16 - Today's Popular CVP Games and How to Evaluate Which Games to Play

Chapter 17 - Comparing Play Strategies for Three Popular CVP Games

Chapter 18 - Comparing/Contrasting CVP Games Found in Casinos Today

Chapter 19 - Perfect Practice = Perfect Play = More Consistent Winners

Chapter 20 - Pace Yourself

Part 4 - Expanding Your Gaming Soiree into a World-class Vacation

Chapter 21 - Leaving Is So Very Hard to Do!

Chapter 22 - Playing On, Off, and Way Off the Strip

Chapter 23 - Players Club Value-added Perks, with No Redemption of Points

Chapter 24 - That Pesky Internal Revenue Service!

Chapter 25 - What Figures Into Your Bottom Line?

Chapter 26 - Good Luck!

Glossary of Video Poker Terms


About the Author

Linda Nowell

Linda Nowell

Linda G. Nowell moved to Nevada in 1990 and has played casino video poker as a hobby for almost a quarter-century. She studies the game and consistently wins. Over time, she graduated to higher-denomination games and reports annual W2G wins of six figures. “I’m excited that in 2013, I retired from the corporate work world. Now I can devote more time to increasing my casino experience and my wins,” says Nowell.

Nowell is excited to write Casino Video Poker for the GENIUS to share her knowledge. “I’m a winning gambler, though not a professional,” she says, “and that gives me a great perspective for helping fledging players learn about the game without the pressure of believing that only a pro could win at the game.” Nowell is general manager of Ace Game, LLC, which teaches novices about casino video poker.

Born and raised in Tarrant County, Texas, Nowell earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, English major, from North Texas University. She is a graduate of several Landmark Education courses, including The Forum.

Nowell’s career has included teaching English and journalism in public school; estimating, selling, and managing complicated commercial print projects; and nonprofit management. She earned a Grant Professional Credential in 2011, is listed in numerous Marquis Who’s Who business publications, and is listed as a 2014 Distinguished Women in Nevada honoree.


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