Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery for the GENIUS


Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery for the GENIUS

Need to take the next step in your recovery from abuse or an alcoholic family? Ready to try sound, research-based alternative techniques? In Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery for the Genius you will find the answers you need!

Need to take the next step in your recovery from abuse or an alcoholic family? Ready to try sound, research-based alternative techniques? In Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery for the Genius you will find the answers you need!

This book is a treasure chest of simple healing exercises and life skills activities that help you, the survivor of abuse and/or an alcoholic family, to release old feelings, repair emotional hurts, and learn missing life skills. Many adult children of alcoholics and survivors of abuse--and there are more than 64 million in this country alone—continue to repeat their dysfunctional family patterns in failed marriages and relationships; or replay abuse in their jobs; or have addictions to cover up pain; or they allow others to use them; or have blind spots so they cannot see their own dysfunctional patterns. And, some survivors have all of these problems and more.

Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery for the Genius offers comprehensive solutions to many of the issues that survivors face. First the book gives the reader the Raiguel Life Skills Inventory, one-hundred research-based items, that clearly state the issues. Taking the quiz can be very helpful articulating the issues that have been in the background but unspoken for years. Some of those life skills are:

  • Building Trust
  • Being in the Body
  • Expressing Emotions: Having Fun
  • Expressing Needs
  • Managing Anger Appropriately
  • Managing Your Addictions
  • Overcoming Blinds Spots
  • Not Overhelping
  • Not Being Perfect
  • Not Being Used
  • Setting Goals and Managing Money.

Raiguel also includes many guided visualizations, as well as other alternative techniques, she has used for years in her clinical practice with clients that are powerful and effective for healing the past. Raiguel also explains life skills exercises that the reader can do to strengthen those skills.

This book is a powerful tool whether used as a companion to therapy or by individual survivors of abuse.

—Dr. John J. Kohut, Psychiatrist

Raiguel tells stories of life skills graduates who have changed their patterns, learned missing skills and reinvented their abusive pasts and are living abusive-free lives. She began her life skills work in New York City thirty years ago with a small group. Those survivors were the first life skills class lasting six months. The positive results in participants lives were so impressive that she began training other professionals including New York City Child Protective Service workers, Texas Parents' Anonymous, and Not to Abuse in rural Nevada. Because the life skills curriculum is so simple not only professionals but paraprofessionals have learned her work and are teaching it to their clients and groups. Written in a warm, friendly, yet professional manner, Raiguel outlines her techniques so survivors can heal and teach themselves or counselors can use her book as a companion to therapy. The book is a stand-alone curriculum for leading life skills groups or working with individuals. All these elements make Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery for the Genius a crucial part of anyone's recovery.


About the Author

Jill Raiguel

Jill Raiguel

Jill Raiguel is a nationally recognized expert in dealing with adult children of alcoholic issues and in helping people recover from trauma. She is a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, teaches nationwide and has a lifelong passion for making a difference. A former adjunct professor of education at California Polytechnic University, Pomona, she has a psychotherapy practice at Kohut Psychiatric Medical Group and has a private shamanic practice. She is the author of several books including Life Skills: Keys to Effective Living and You Are Not Your Problem. She has appeared on more than one hundred TV and radio shows. During the last thirty years, she has used her insight, caring, and skill to help thousands heal themselves.

Raiguel, herself a child of an alcoholic dad, had to learn her own missing life skills. She designed a special Life Skills program for the US Air Force Violence Prevention project, New York City Child Protective Service workers, and Parents Anonymous. Professionals have recognized her work as a breakthrough in abuse recovery. She trained the staff at No to Abuse, a domestic violence prevention program, in Pahrump, Nevada. Clearly, her work helps people break the generational abuse cycle and become “abuse hardy.”

Raiguel earned her bachelor of science degree from Hunter College in New York City and masters of arts from California State University at Hayward, California. She trained at the Marin Family Therapy Institute in Marin, California, as well as with Dr. Hank Wesselman and Dr. Robert Shaw. While editing her high school newspaper in Claremont, California, she launched her writing career and discovered her passion for the written word.

She also trains professionals in her Life Skills program as well as with her visualization and shamanic techniques. In her private practice, she has been a soul retrieval practitioner for more than thirteen years. Shamanism is a set of powerful techniques used by traditional people worldwide and now practiced by many in the West. Shamanism can be effective for issues that are stuck as well as depression, suicide, and addictions. She has a psychotherapy practice at Kohut Psychiatric Medical Group in San Bernardino, California.


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