Todd Baker is Vice President and Senior Strategist for Milwaukee Direct Marketing. For more than 33 years, he has helped some of the top charities in North America, assisting them in the development of Mission-Driven Marketing™ strategies.

Todd is the author of the popular blog book,, which is required reading for UCLA’s Digital Fundraising Course, which Baker teaches as part of the university’s Certification Program in Fundraising. He is also the author of the free e-book, “Nonprofit Websites,” the first of its kind, which has been downloaded by tens of thousands of charities in more than 50 countries. He writes the Fundraiser Confidential series for Fundraising Success Magazine and he is also known for the Baker’s Dozen fundraising series for the Nonprofit Times. He also a contributing author to one of the best-selling nonprofit Internet books of all time, Nonprofit Internet Strategies. He has also the authored Champions of Philanthropy and #JesusSaid.

Todd is a former member of the Association Fundraising Professionals Board of Directors for Washington State. He spent more than 13 years with World Vision, one of the largest privately funded international relief and development organizations in the United States.

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Does your nonprofit's brand truly reflect its impact?

Too many organizations focus their core message on their internal processes, such as distributing, coordinating, managing, constructing, and facilitating, while the most powerful thing they have to say is left unspoken. People become inspired to join causes because of the impact of nonprofit processes, not the processes themselves.

Death to the Dear Friend Letter

For a moment, don't try to defend the empirical data on your shelf, which indicates that speaking to a person indirectly via a Dear Friend letter rather than a personalized letter enhances your charity's return on investment (ROI). As you read on, listen to your own spirit; for it will guide you to discern a…

Statement Makers

A slight vibration reaches the edge of my consciousness, soon recognizable as the faint sound of a deep, rumbling exhaust. Still blocks away, this distinct composition whispers in my ear, "Harley-Davidson." There's no need for me to see the source; my ears can identify it without a shadow of a doubt. As the rumbling thunder…

Inspiration Superhighway

Moving curiously slower, with a slight wiggle to the left and a hasty waggle back to the right, our family's favorite caterpillar twirls its way forward. With her face pressed against the aquarium glass wall, in a tone of angst, my little girl asks, "Daddy, what's wrong with Fuzzy?" My assurance that Fuzzy and his…