After twenty years of successful writing, publishing (fifty-two titles), and nonprofit administrative experience in Christian ministry and church administration, Neva Coyle formed Neva Coyle & Associates in April 2000.  In September 2001, Neva received a professional achievement award in grantsmanship from the University of California, Riverside.

Originally serving Christian organizations, churches, and ministries exclusively, Neva began by offering services at affordable rates to help clients gain a significant competitive edge in securing a share of this funding.

In 2005, Neva Coyle & Company expanded to provide professional assistance to other select nonprofit organizations for funding needs that could potentially be met through grant seeking. In addition to foundation research and writing grant proposals, available expertise also includes the creation and production of the case document, the case statement, program statements, program descriptions, PowerPoint presentations, and other fund development and marketing materials. Most recent professional development is in social network management to present a social network presence.

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The Case Statement

It is not unusual to discover that an organization’s formal statement of justification for its existence and support has not been produced. And yet, the case statement is the single most important document that appropriately states your organization’s purpose, methods, values, and budget. It makes your case for support. The case statement includes a complete…