Nancy Church, CPA writes and consults as Not-for-Profit Accounting Help. Her mission is to be a resource for accounting and finance staff at nonprofit organizations, assisting them in improving their accuracy, efficiency, professionalism, and enjoyment at their jobs.

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Lessons from Obama

Recent client engagements have reminded me how easy it is to become overwhelmed with requests and expectations from our colleagues. On any given day, you could find that one comes to you for help on a small grant, another is bringing a potential collaborative partner to a meeting at 3, the development assistant “reminds” you…

Is That Money Really Yours?

One day a check arrives from a foundation with a letter that says, “We have approved your request for funding and enclosed is a check for $60,000.” Is that money really your organization’s to spend as it wishes? How can your accountant record this transaction correctly? To record the receipt of the check properly, you’ll…