Karen Eber Davis is a leading authority on income growth strategies for nonprofits. She helps leaders generate the ideas, resources, and money they need to fulfill their goals and create extraordinary impact.

For over twenty years, Karen has advised nonprofit organizations such as The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, The American Red Cross, Ringling College of Art and Design, Meals on Wheels PLUS, and many others.
Karen is author of the popular 7 Nonprofit Income Streams: Open the Floodgates to Sustainability! (CharityChannel Press, 2014) and is a contributing author to YOU and Your Nonprofit Board: Advice and Practical Tips from the Field’s Top Practitioners, Researchers, and Provocateurs (CharityChannel Press, 2013). She has published over two hundred articles in a variety of publications, including Advancing Philanthropy, CharityChannel Press, Nonprofit World, and The Nonprofit Times. Her monthly newsletter, Added Value, and column, “The Ingenious Nonprofit,” inspire leaders to find ways to realize more funding and more supporters to accomplish their mission.
Karen graduated magna cum laude from the University of Connecticut and earned her MBA in finance from the University of South Florida.

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Want Donations? Crystalize Your Development Theory

What’s your explanation of how your nonprofit organization obtains donations? How exactly does having a mission, supporters, and need, generate money? How do these elements fit together? What’s your theory?

Sponsorships on Steroids: Working with Business Donors

People are complex creatures who often seek to achieve multiple goals in single transactions. You go to the grocery store for milk. As you prepare to check out, you remember that you also need carrots, tea, and soap. Likewise, your corporate partners often bring multiple goals. Besides the joy of giving back, business partners seek…

Sticky Sponsorships Rock

So, what's all the hoopla about sticky sponsorships? Sticky sponsorships squirt “glue” all over participants’ minds. The glue dries clear and flexible, with the sponsor’s name glowing through.

Corporate Giving: How to Solve the Biggest Problem

To open the floodgate to corporate income, new partnerships, and for mutual success, dispel the fog that comes with corporate gifts. Identify the “why” behind the investments. Help corporate leaders meet their goals by getting clarity on them. You’ll spend less time wondering what to do next and more time doing it. You’ll solve the biggest problem with corporate giving.

Let's Create Board Member Income Heroes

Helping your board members to become income heroes begins with education, continues with education, and revolves around education —both for you and your board members. Part of this education will be for you to recognize how much you already know about income development. The good news is that your board members want to help. The great news? You can help them be income heroes.

Introducing the 'Open the Floodgates to Sustainability' Assessment

What if sustainability was not only possible but also something you will achieve by a specific date? What if you made sustainability your goal for next year? Your organization can be sustainable. You, with your supporters, can achieve it.