I've worked in the nonprofit sector for almost 30 years, in organizations ranging from small, local, issue-focused groups, to a nationally known economic development agency. My experience encompasses visual and performing arts, AIDS-related education and assistance, community political organizing, specialty food business development, and healthcare.

My knowledge and experience come from the ground up. I started in the field as an office assistant in a campus ministry, and currently serve as grant development coordinator for Lansing Community College, in Lansing Michigan. I currently serve on the Grant Professionals Association's Professional Growth and Development Committee and e-Newsletter Committee.

Throughout my career, I've learned ground-up from many and diverse people; from community activists to scholars. Much of my work has been in rural areas, including Appalachian southeastern Ohio, so I have special understanding of both the challenges and opportunities faced by rural communities and nonprofits.

My project development and management philosophy supports cooperative and collaborative efforts, and my many years of experience confirm that shared vision and purpose are the most effective way to create lasting, high-impact community change. As a result, I've been able to provide effective strategic planning, program development, and personnel management assistance to start-up organizations.

My studies have strengthened and supported this experience. I have an M.A. in English Language and Literature, and earned a certificate in small business development. I'm also proud to have earned Grant Professional Certification (GPC). I hope to continue learning throughout my career, and to continue helping organizations address their most pressing needs and embrace their most exciting opportunities.

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Relax and Rejuvenate: The Gift We Can Give Ourselves

Every day, the work we do as grant writers has a meaningful impact in many ways, in many places. We help small community organizations keep going as their budgets shrink, assist large nonprofits to serve people from around their neighborhood and around the world; and support schools, colleges, and universities as they educate people young…

Welcome Aboard the Strategic Planning Ship

For just a minute, think of a nonprofit as a ship bounding on the waves of an unpredictable sea, sometimes sailing true and sometimes fighting a storm.  Whatever the day’s weather might be, an organization’s strategic plan can serve as its anchor, keeping it rooted as conditions change.  It is not only essential to project…

When Does One Become a Professional Grant Writer?

Several years ago I was hired as the grant writer for a mid-size health system.  It was my first entirely grant-focused job and their first time bringing in a full-time writer. Their community health organization had previously worked with a consultant writer. But when I reviewed her work it was clear she had been selling…