Betsy Baker trains entrepreneurs that desire to work for themselves to employ winning grant writing techniques and consulting strategies to make them a huge success! She also assists nonprofits that struggle financially month after month secure financial freedom by teaching them correct grant writing techniques that wins them stable grant income.

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Your Three-Step Plan to Approach Grant Funders That Only Give to Preselected Organizations

I know it. I’ve been right there with you. You find THE most amazing grant funder ever that would be absolutely perfect to support your organization. Their interest is the same as yours. They’re in the same location as you. And they have what you need most – money! But there, in the fine print, you see those five most dreaded…

How to Write Goals, Objectives and Outcomes that Grant Funders Will Love!

Even though I included an exclamation at the end of this article title, doesn’t it still sound as dry as dust? Probably one the biggest challenges that grant writers face is trying to effectively express meaningful, exciting goals and objectives and the intended outcomes in their applications. You most certainly don’t want to: a) bore…

Embrace Your Grant Consultancy's Success with a Split Personality

I may be considered a little late to the game by some of you, but I am just now reading Michael E. Gerber's best-selling business book The E Myth – Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It.  What a goldmine of small business information this book contains.  In fact, I…

Three Must-Do's for Getting More Grant Writing Clients

You want them lined up at your door just waiting to do business with you. But one of the most common challenges that new grant writing consultants face is finding clients. Fortunately, one of the greatest perks (and there are lots!) about being a grant writing consultant is the ability to work with clients locally.…

Why Aren't Your Grant Applications Being Funded?

You know that feeling of giddy anticipation you experience when you submit an absolutely-cannot-miss grant application only to receive the news later that it, well, missed? It's disheartening I know. And if you've been a grant writer for a long while like I have, then you have experienced that disappointment more than once in your…