Becky founded D’Swain Associates in November 1999 to provide consulting services for the nonprofit sector and its professionals. Services include strategic planning, agency assessment and evaluation, board and staff retreats, grant writing and fundraising, mentoring and training and volunteer program development.  Agency experience includes working with government, nonprofits and for-profits with budgets from $100,000 to $20 million and includes international, national, regional and local geographic service areas.  Grant writing services have assisted agencies in California and Nevada to raise over $200 million for general operating, programs, projects and capital needs through corporate, foundation and government grants since 2001.

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The Independent Sector: Are you prepared for the next shift? (Part 2)

In my article “The Independent Sector: Are you prepared for the next shift?” two weeks ago, I asked you to mull over this question: What is the next shift? I know this is one of those peak times of the year for grant writers. So while some readers responded to the article, I know that…

The Independent Sector: Are you prepared for the next shift? (Part 1)

Over the last decade the independent sector has seen and experienced some major shifts that the majority of our agencies have survived. One shift included the implementation of the new IRS Form 990 which called for transparency. Today the public can review that form and learn a lot about your governance along with the financial…

Professional Development – Invest in Yourself

Often you are so busy investing your time and energy in your agency and writing grants for their needs that you are forgotten. Your agency needs you operating at 100%....and right now, they need you at 100% all the time. We all know what happens when we are operating at 90%. That’s the time when…

Beware! Choose a grant writing workshop with care!

Over the last decade, grant writing has become one of the top scam opportunities. Often we only hear about the person who was promised that they could access “all that free money,” laid out $795, $2,500 or more…and didn’t receive anything in return but a charge to their credit card. However, what we don’t often hear…

Grant Writing – I Can Survive!

While there is no typical week when you’re a grant writer, sometimes the routine must be noted. Monday As a grant writer, Monday is my favorite day.  It’s proof that I survived the weekend and the stress of trying not to work (much less trying not to think about all those looming grant deadlines). Whew! …

The Grant Writer Job Description: Responsible for Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat

If you had not previously had the experience of your boss looking to you to pull a rabbit out of a hat holding money in its paws, I am guessing that, with the economic downturn, you have by now. Know that you have been officially initiated into the life of a grant writer. Welcome! I…