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Stephen C. Nill, JD

Storytelling and Fundraising: CharityChannel Interviews Lynn Ierardi and Russell James

Watch my interview of two of the nonprofit sector's leading experts on employing storytelling and fundraising — particularly fundraising focused on very large gifts (major gifts and planned gifts) — Lynn Malzone Ierardi, JD and Professor Russell James, JD, PhD, CFP ®.

Stephen C. Nill, JD

Video: Stephen Nill explains how to bust out of your career box

One of my favorite authors asked me to record an unrehearsed video on how writing can help in career advancement. I just couldn't resist such an invitation. So, without rehearsing or even thinking about what I would say, I went for it.

But I didn't limit my advice to writing. I covered speaking, also. Most importantly, I explain the mindset that's needed to bust out of one's career box.

Zen and the Art of Fundraising: The Pillars in Practice, by Alexandra Pia Brovey

Book: Zen and the Art of Fundraising: The Pillars in Practice

What is the secret to being a successful fundraiser? In this book three of the Zen and the Art of Fundraising trilogy, Alex Pia Brophy, JD, LLM, explores a variety of situations that fundraisers face daily—from phone calls, to meetings, to visits with prospects and donors—and applies the 16 pillars to help cope with challenging situations and succeed.

Dane Shumak, CFRE

Unrestricted Giving is Dead, Long Live Unrestricted Giving

“The King is Dead, Long Live the King.” And so it now is with fundraising for unrestricted giving.

Susan Axelrod

Self-Care for Nonprofit Leaders: A Spring Frame of Mind

Have you had something percolating in your mind for months about what you want to do or how you want to change your habits? Do you desire a healthier physical or spiritual life? Have you had thoughts of wanting to feel better, get better, and do better for yourself, your family, your team? Perhaps you’ve had a desire to create new habits or patterns for how you want to be. Now is the time! Spring has sprung!

Bernadette Wright, PhD

Better Knowledge for Greater Success

What is your most important asset for the success of your nonprofit organization? Money? Yeah, you need money to do most things. However, I’d argue knowledge is more important than money.