About Author Brick Road

Stephen C. Nill, JD

Stephen C. Nill, JD

Author Brick Road is a community of authors who are changing the world through writing and publishing nonfiction books. It is the ultimate evolution of the CharityChannel professional community that I launched three decades ago—a

community that grew to well over a hundred thousand members. You can see our major accomplishments and milestones in our timeline.

As you have probably guessed, the name “Author Brick Road” is a nod to the famous yellow brick road of Frank Baum’s children’s book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. More importantly, Author Brick Road is a metaphor for the long and often daunting journey for an author to write, publish, and promote a book. I enjoy employing the Oz metaphor in everything we do here because it’s hard enough to be an author without having some fun along the way! (So, are you a Cowardly Lion, a Tin Woodman, a Scarecrow, or a Dorothy?)

In 2020, CharityChannel had accomplished everything I had set for it to do decades earlier, and then some. That was especially true for our book imprints, CharityChannel Press, CharityChannel Quick Guides, and For the GENIUS Press. My editors and I found ourselves increasingly rejecting manuscript proposals because we had already published a title on the subject being proposed. That was frustrating for me and especially for hopeful authors.

That’s when I had a flash of insight. What if I could take everything I had learned as a traditional publisher and editor with over four decades of experience and help authors at every step of the way, using the same approaches and techniques that I had carefully honed over all those years?

Without fanfare, I quietly launched Author Brick Road in 2020, building toward a formal launch in January 2021. On the strength of word of mouth, the demand for my services was surprisingly strong. As a result, I quickly had a full plate and started a waiting list that grows and shrinks but has never gone away.

Having a waiting list gave me another challenge: how could I help more authors? That’s when I realized that I wasn’t thinking big enough. Why not offer authors a community in which to discuss their challenges and to support each other? And why not share my best ideas and advice in articles, recorded interviews, other how-to videos, online training, and more?

So, I established the mission of Author Brick Road: to help authors write, publish, and promote their nonfiction books through participation in a community of authors, free and paid how-to training opportunities, and paid coaching and editing services.

By the way, if you detect my appreciation for authors who aim to self-publish, you’re no Scarecrow (or maybe you are—it turns out he DID have a great big, beautiful brain, after all!). To be sure, Author Brick Road is for authors of nonfiction books, whether they self-publish or not. That said—and so that you know where I stand—for the vast majority of authors, the advantages and opportunities this decade for self-publishing outweigh the traditional publishing house route. I will do my best to make a case for self-publishing while being respectful of other perspectives.

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